Pawify AI

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Reimagine Pet Portraits

Our AI-Powered transformations bring any theme to life, creating unique masterpieces that celebrate the charm of your pet.

How It Works

1. Tell us about your pet

Enter your pet’s name and type on our Magic Portraits page and click “Buy Now”.

2. Check out & upload

Once you check out, you’ll be brought to a form where you’ll upload between 10 and 20 pictures of your pet so we can learn their features and produce the most accurate portraits.

3. Choose your themes

From artistic to whimsical and wacky, you’ll select 10 of your favorite themes to bring your pet’s personality to life. We update our themes every month, so don’t PAWS too long to get your favorite!

4. Delivery of your stunning new photos

In under an hour, receive an email with a link to download your adorable Magic Portraits! Bring them to life on our custom products for a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that showcases your unique pet!

Current Themes

Your package includes your choice of 10 themes. Our themes are updated each month so don't miss out on these adorable options!


Pixar Animation


Winter Beanie Hat


Comic Villain


Iridescent Portrait

Flower Crown

Flower Crown

Distinguished Gentleman

Distinguished Gentleman


Adorable Baby


Playing in Snow


Fantasy Animation


Birthday Celebration


Colorful Painting

Valentine's Day

Pet Lover


Mosaic Portrait

studio portrait

Studio Portrait




Winter Portrait

9 out of 10 pets wish their owners had discovered Pawify sooner


The results speak for themselves, and so do our customers.

We were so impressed by how animated looking chumpie was. He became a scuba diver, a prince, Santa, and more. A dog with an already big personality was made to look even more amazing and interesting with this incredible technology. Every photo made us smile – there will be many new prints hanging in our home. 🙂

Chumpie’s Owner


I have a pig named Ellie and I got some AMAZING AI pictures of her from Pawify! They were all outstanding! I definitely recommend.😁

Ellie’s Owner


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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the AI work?

It’s easy! Photos of your pet are uploaded to the AI software which analyzes your pet’s features and creates entirely NEW photos of your pet in a variety of selected themes and styles! *This is not a photo filter or editing program. For more on this state-of-the-art software, visit our blog.

What type of Photos should I upload?

It is very important to upload the correct variety/quality in order for the AI to accurately learn your pet’s features. Don’t worry- most people have the needed photos right on their phone/computer! Be sure to visit our “Upload Requirements” for a full rundown.

Where do I upload my photos?

Once you check out, you’ll be taken to the upload form, which will walk you through the image upload process. If you have already purchased but not yet uploaded photos, you can access the upload form by logging into your account and clicking on your order.

Why can’t I see my pet’s portraits before purchasing?

Once your pet’s photos are uploaded, the AI gets to work to produce new stunning images of your pet. Therefore, by the time the images are ready to view, the work has already been completed. This is different from most portrait sites you may be familiar with because Pawify IS different. We don’t just edit your photos, our program creates adorable NEW images of your pet. Visit our product page for more info on expected results.

How do I access/view/download my portraits?

Once you finish uploading your pet’s pictures, you should receive an email within 30-60 minutes with a link to download a zip file of your portraits. You can also download directly from your account page by clicking on the order. For mobile users, you can download the zip file and view the pictures under the Documents/Downloads folder on your phone.

What if I don’t like my portraits? Can I get a refund?

Often, poor results are due to poor-quality photos being uploaded which is why it is so important to follow our Upload Requirements. As a general rule, we do not offer refunds. However, we DO want you to love your portraits *almost* as much as you love your pet. If you feel you have not received at least 15+ accurate results, please reach out to us to discuss.