Magic Pet Portraits


We'll ask you to upload photos of your pet after checkout

Get ready to have your mind (and your heart) blown by the magic of Pawify AI! Our AI technology will analyze your furry friend and create brand new, one-of-a-kind pet portraits that you won’t find anywhere else. No filters, no edits – just pure, unadulterated cuteness.

These are perfect for profile pictures, canvas prints, social media content, or as a gift for the ultimate pet lover in your life. Unleash the paw-some potential of Pawify!

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, the AI is NOT effective for pets with different colored eyes or cross-eyes at this time.

This Months Themes

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How It Works

1. Tell us about your pet

Enter your pet’s name and type on our Magic Portraits page and click “Buy Now”.

2. Check out & upload

Once you check out, you’ll be brought to a form where you’ll upload between 10 and 20 pictures of your pet so we can learn their features and produce the most accurate portraits.

3. Choose your themes

From artistic to whimsical and wacky, you’ll select 10 of your favorite themes to bring your pet’s personality to life. We update our themes every month, so don’t PAWS too long to get your favorite!

4. Delivery of your stunning new photos

In under an hour, receive an email with a link to download your adorable Magic Portraits! Bring them to life on our custom products for a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that showcases your unique pet!

Stunning Dog Portrait

Before and Afters

Why should your beloved pet be just a pet?

Just like the limitless dreams and aspirations you may have for a child, why can’t your most loyal friend travel to Paris, or captain a ship to the Arctic?

From Knight to Astronaut, to Super Hero, even King or Queen, Pawify’s Magic will help make your Pet’s Dream come true.

So remember, “pics or it didn’t happen.”