This is a digital product intended for entertainment purposes. Your pet’s likeliness should be captured in the images the AI generates if you have followed the image upload instructions. However, an exact photographically accurate image is not to be expected. You can expect more of a characature of your pet in a variety of themes/styles.

All Sales Are Considered To Be Final, unless there is an issue with your payment or uploaded images.

To discuss any concerns with your order, you can contact us at Please note that management reserves all rights.

Exchanges/Do-Overs: Due to the random nature of the AI, we cannot guarantee results. However, we may offer a re-do if you feel you have not received at least 10-15 quality images that reflect your pet’s unique characteristics. Management reserves all rights to make final call on whether or not your images are acceptable. If we determine that your image quality was reduced due to improper photo uploads or not following the upload instructions, your request for a re-do may be denied. If we do accept the opportunity to produce another round of photos, you may be asked to upload more specific photos of your pet in order to aid the AI in learning your pet’s features to produce better-quality images.

Refunds: Generally speaking, refunds will not be allowed. Management reserves all rights.


Need help?

Contact us at for questions related to refunds.